I graduated with a master’s degree in Media Studies, Television, in “Universidade Catolica Portuguesa” in Portugal and did a course on film editing at Met Film School (London). I worked for a company called “Filbox” editing mobile TV content for “Optimus” cellphone operator and edited a Tv show called “Telerural”, that was nominated for the best comedy show on the 49th edition of the Montecarlo Television Festival. I work with FCP or Avid, Photoshop, After Effects, Color, and Motion on a regular basis. I also know a bit of sound editing software. I also have studio experience and shooting with HD and RED Cameras as well. I am also an Apple certified Final Cut Pro user.

To tell you a bit about myself, over the last years I’ve been involved in freelance work for several companies and did 2 short films in which I was a director, producer and editor. Last year I created a small advertising company with some colleagues back in Portugal where I did a couple of projects like a book promos and interviews, but my ambition to work abroad and meet new people made me leave this project, in pursuit of a career in the UK. Since I’ve been living here in London, I did a course on film editing at Met Film School and I did some freelance work on some shorts films with some colleagues. Recently I made a music video and a promo for a band.

Nowadays I’m living between Oporto and London, working on freelance projects.

I’m fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.